Most classes cater for all levels (beginners through to advanced) and include Qigong practice and Tai Chi forms.  The focus of most classes is health and relaxation.

For further information, please contact Derek Daly on: 0141 384 8786.



Classes cost between £3.50 and £7 waged, depending on length of class and venue. Reductions for unwaged.

Students are requested to pay £20 per year for personal insurance.

Please contact Derek for more information.

Forms practised

Tai Chi

  • 24 basic Yang style hand form
  • 32 Yang style sword form
  • 36 Yang style sword form
  • 56 Yang style sword form
  • 42 hand form (competition form)
  • 42 sword form (competition form)
  • Combined sword form
  • Wudang sword form
  • Broadsword form

Push hands

Qigong sets

  • Yi Jin Jing
  • Daoyin Song
  • TaiChi Yang Sheng Zhang
  • 5 Animals
  • Acupressure, healing colours and sounds